PcVue is a new generation of SCADA software. It is characterised by modern ergonomics and by tools based on object technology to reduce and optimise applications development. Developed by ARC Informatique using the latest tools from Microsoft (Visual C#, MFC, ActiveX and .NET), it incorporates Microsoft-developed user interface standards and the security features of Windows 2000 and XP.

This new PcVue range was conceived from the recommendations of integrators, OEMs and end-users, then developed using ARC's considerable experience in the industrial automation sector.

PcVue meets the requirements of both straightforward single-user applications and of complex client-server applications with redundant capability.

PcVue Strong Points are :

  • Structured Data Base (hierarchical) allowing object oriented application development.
  • Generic Objects/Mimics (template) with modification propagation.

  • Data recording in Sql Server database.

  • 3D animated graphics using DirectX technology.
  • Native Built in redundancy. Hot standby or multiple active server.
  • Online modifications, no compilation of the SCADA application required
  • Web Client (WebVue) to monitor and control.
  • Scripting Capability : SCADA Basic and full MS VBA.
  • A single project for Client/Server architecture.
  • Dynamic multi-lingual support.
  • Zoom and visibility layer capability.
  • Wide selection of native driver available and OPC, DDE client/Server and Lonworks included,
  • Compliance with international quality Standards ISO 9001 : 2000 and 21CFR part 11.
  • Wide selection of I/O size (physical I/O not tags):75 I/O, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 & Unlimited.

Download PcVue White papers and Brochures :

PcVue Brochure English.pdf

PcVue Brochure Chinese.pdf

PcVue Features V8.pdf




Available Protocols.pdf


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