Some solutions implemented

CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC): The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator, intended to collide opposing particle beams, protons, etc...
Undertaking a project with CERN, the European laboratory for particle physics, involves some small contribution to scientific progress. There is also a window effect: each installed application creates visibility. For ARC Informatique, whose supervisory software Spie selected for the new alarm management system on the CERN site, a third element emerged: that of addressing technical challenges and including them as standard in subsequent versions of PcVue. The challenge was to create an independent, secure, dynamic supervisory system site-wide for meeting the needs of scientists and technical personnel alike. More details? Click here ...
Some references in the Asia Pacific Region

In Australia

Food & Beverage
- Star City Casino - Sydney Food & Beverage

Manufacturing - Callaghan P/L Sydney - Construction Material
Manufacturing - Scholle Industries - Packaging
Pulp & Paper
- Amcor Smithfield NSW - Pulp & Paper Machinery

Pulp & Paper - Amcor Smithfield VIC - Pulp & Paper Machinery

Transport - Adelaide Train Signaling system NSW
Transport - Blacktown Train Signaling system NSW
Transport - Rail Access Corporation - NSW Train signaling system

In China

BMS - Aircond, fans and lightning management of Yiwu building in Shanghai (Matrix Control - Matrix Lon controllers)

 BMS - CCTV Beijing BMS - Dell Tower office Shanghai.
 BMS - Donguan Hotel
 BMS - Hong Kong Government Prison

BMS - Jangsiu Stadium - (TsingHua Tong Fang - Lonworks)
BMS - Qing Pu Inspectorate
BMS - Si Ping Tech Park
BMS - Shanghai (Matrix Controls)

BMS - Shanghai Baokuang International Plaza - HONGQIAO DISTRICT Shanghai  (Schneider Electric China)
BMS - Ning Xia Convention centre, Construction area 40,000m3. 1100 points.
BMS - Qingdao Xinbaotong Co., Ltd. (Qingdao Art & Technology Space) - Techno-9 BAS
Cement – Lafarge CHONGQING – Electrical control and monitoring. (Schneider Electric China)

Chemical/Pharma - L'Oreal Shanghai - Product mix management system (Schneider Electric China- Premium Plc)

 Chemical/Pharma - NCPC BETA Co. Ltd Pharmaceutical Manufacturing automation

Chemical/Pharma - Shanghai Johnson & Jonhson process management
Energy - Electrical Generator Monitoring and control

Energy - Machine alteration (GD Power Development Co. Ltd, Datong Second Power Plant)

Energy - Guangzhou New TV tower MV&LV Panel Project (Schneider)

Energy - Lighting Controls for Nuclear Power plant (Ilighting Co. Ltd. - Lonworks)

Infrastructure - Shenzhen corridor

Manufacturing - Hard disk factory in Zuhai (Regin - Regin controllers)

Manufacturing - Xiamen Power breakers plant process management for Areva (Novaxiom)

Oil & Gas - Sudan Project Seefox - China Petroleum Engineering and Construction (GROUP) Corporation

Semi Conductor - TPK Touch solutions (Xiamen) Inc.

Semi Conductor - Chengdu Tianma Micro-electric

Transport - Hong Kong Test track – Train system

Water treatment - Sewage water treatment for Nan-Ya Glass Fabrics in Kunshan (ES-TECH - Schneider equipment)

Water treatment - Shanghai Water Treatment Plant
Water treatment - Shanghai Molex Sewage Water Project

In India

Automotive - Ram E and I Systems Pvt Limited - Machine tool applications

Chemical/Pharma - Automatic dispensing for International Flavours and Fragrances (Controlsoft - Weightscales specific protocol)

Chemical/Pharma - Monitor the polymerisation batch reaction with multiple recipes in the pilot plant (Controlsoft - Modbus serial)

Chemical/Pharma - DIVYA PHARMACY - monitoring & controlling the Batch Extraction and distillation production process

Energy - Reactor control management (FICS Automation - ABB plc)

Education - SRM College of Engineering in Chennai (Controlsoft - Modbus - ABB Plc)

Manufacturing - Continuous herbal extraction process management for Aum Consultancy (Controlsoft - Technotrade Tbox equipments)

Manufacturing - Controlling of Ceramic Kiln at W.S Industries (PMA Controls - PMA Controls equipments)

 Manufacturing - Furnace management for Reliance Instrumentation (PMA Controls - PMA Controls equipments)

Manufacturing - Sand/Sea water mineral process management for Beach Minerals Company (Controlsoft - Technotrade Tbox equipments)

Manufacturing - Weighing/Batching monitoring at Shasun Chemicals for Nova Weigh India (PMA Controls - Weightscales by Modbus)

Manufacturing - Weighing/Batching monitoring at Hindustan Lever Plant for Nova Weigh India (PMA Controls - Weightscales by Modbus)Manufacturing - Monitor and control a polyester reactor temperature and pressure control (Controlsoft)

Manufacturing - Indalco Aluminium smelter (Areva)


In Indonesia

BMS - The Energy (Medco Group) at Jakarta
Chemical/Pharma - Process management for Akzo Nobel at Surabaya
 - Bandung's Power Plant (PTLen Industri)
Manufacturing - Callaghan P/L - Construction material
Oil & Gas - Total Balikpapan
Transport - Railway signalisation Cikampek - Cirebon Line
Transport - Railway signalisation Serpong Line (5 stations/ 1 CTC)
Transport - Railway signalisation Manggarai / Jatinegara Station (C.T.C.)
Transport - Railway signalisation Tangerang Line (5 stations/ 1 CTC)
Transport - Railway signalisation Bekasi/Gedebage Line (15 stations/ 1 CTC)
Water treatment - Jakarta Jabotabec – Water Treatment Plant
Water treatment - Control of Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment unit - PT Hydro Hitech Optima
Water treatment - Pt Indomitra Aneka Abadi – Serpong
Water treatment - Pt. Yasulor Indonesia - Ciracas

In Iraq

Oil & Gas - Control system of cluster pumping station (CPS) in Southern Iraq for KBR/Southern Oil Company
In Iran

Infrastructure - Tehran international airport - Runway lighting system (AI)
Oil & Gas - Bandar Imam Tank managment system (Krohne - Krohne sensors)
Oil & Gas - Shiraz Tank managment system (Krohne - Krohne sensors)

In Japan

BMS - Denso – NTT Data Trial Project (Denso Facilities - LonWorks)
BMS - Power management Denso Electronic Hokkaido (Denso Facilities - Mitsubishi Melsec Q series)
BMS - Energy Saving Application in Denso Daian Factory (Denso Facilities – LonWorks)

BMS - Denso Wave Energy saving - FMS

Manufacturing - Denso Kiso Laboratory Process Automation

Manufacturing - Denso FEMS


In Kuwait

BMS - SCADA System at Data Monitoring Center at Sulaibiya - Ministry of Public Works

BMS - Radio Broadcasting Station At Kabad - Ministry of Information
Energy - Load Management System for Television Transmission Station At MAGWA - Ministry of Information
Manufacturing - Telemetry & SCADA for Odor Control Systems for all Pumping Stations - Ministry of Public Works
Oil & Gas - Radio Telemetry System for Abdulliah Brackish Water Project - Kuwait Oil Company

Oil & Gas - GC 24 KOC Storage Terminal
Water treatment - Instrumentation & Control System for New Mishref Pumping Station Project - UGCC/ Ministry of Public Works
Water treatment - Telemetry System at Ardiya - Ministry of Public Works

 Water treatment - Telemetry System for Effluent - Utilization Facilities Phase 1 - Project B-2 - Ministry of Public Works

Water treatment - Telemetry System at Naval Base - Military Engineering Projects - Ministry of Defense
Water treatment - Telemetry System for Pumping & Lifting stations - Ministry of Public Works

In Lebanon

BMS - Lebanese Ministry of Education - Training centers
Infrastructure - Beyrut harbor control system

In Malaysia

BMS - MyTV building – BMS of new Malaysian cable TV provider 

 BMS - Standard Chartered Building (Bank) KL - Air Cond, UPS, Fire safety, monitoring and Control (Quantum - PUP Matrix Controls)

BMS - Telekom Tower – Centralized Vacuum Pumps
BMS - Telekom Malaysia

BMS - Hard Rock Cafe Hotel Penang – (ADF Penang - Lonworks)

BMS - Surian Tower Kuala Lumpur - Damansara The Curve - (Quantum Automation - Lonworks)

 Chemical/Pharma - Kenso Project – Chemical Process – Shah Alam

Chemical/Pharma - Kimberley Clark Boiler Monitoring System - Kluang Johor (Yokogawa / Vickers Hoskin)

 Energy - Cameron Highland General Hospital (TBH Engineering - Schneider Micro PLC)
 - KL General Hospital – Electrical Substation control & Monitoring system.

Energy - Klang Hospital - substation monitoring (Expert System Sdn Bhd - Schneider PLC)
Energy - Prince Court Hospital KL - Electrical substation monitoring (Expert System Sdn Bhd - Schneider PLC)
Energy - TNB LV Electrical substation monitoring (pilot project)

Energy - Power shedding project (Sesco)

Food & Beverage - Bread oven controller - Penang

Manufacturing - Fuji Factory – Hard Disk factory – Kulim, Penang state

Manufacturing - OSRAM Opto Semi Conductor – Penang Malaysia

Manufacturing - Samling flooring in Sarawak

Manufacturing - Oven Control system for Glass manufacturer (Packaging)
Oil & Gas - Gaz Platform S23 - Off Sarawak - Gaz Burner regulation (SS-Tech Sdn. Bhd. - ICS Triplex Equipment)
Oil & Gas - Petronas Melaka (PSR 1 and PSR 2) Electrical substations
Water treatment - Johor Bahru Water Reservoir monitoring system.
MFI (Malaysian French Institute) Educational SCADA software platform

In New Zealand

Transport - Auckland Railway signalling system – SI United Group Rail

In Pakistan

BMS - BMS system of Carterpillar Facilities Karachi (Allied Engineering & Services Ltd)

Energy - CNBC Karachi Studios - Power monitoring - (United Electrical Engineers / Accrescent Engineers)
Energy - Dewan Mushtaq Group of Companies - Karachi Office - Power Monitoring (International Eng./ Accrescent)
Energy - Electrical monitoring Heavy factory
Energy - Kanup Nuclear Power Plant

Energy - HINOPAK MOTORS LIMITED - Monitor & Controls of 4X500 KVA CAT
Manufacturing - Hinopak Motors AOP Plant, Karachi - Waste water treatment Plant management (Accrescent Engineers)

 Manufacturing - Hinopak Motors AOP Plant, Karachi - ED Paint Process Plant management (Accrescent Engineers)
 Manufacturing - Hinopak Motors AOP Plant, Karachi - Harness Wiring Tester (Accrescent Engineers)
 Manufacturing - Hinopak Motors BOP Plant, Karachi - Waste water treatment Plant management (Accrescent Engineers)

Manufacturing - Nishat Textile Faisalabad - Energy management (Accrescent Engineers - Schneider PLC and OPC server)

Manufacturing - Zahidjee Textile Faisalabad Energy management (Accrescent Engineers - Schneider PLC and OPC server)

Manufacturing - Indus Motor Company Ltd. – Process control

Oil & Gas - Pakistan State Oil Company Limited – HQ Karachi.

In Philippines

BMS - Manila airport Terminal. BMS System (using LON)
Chemical/Pharma - Oleo Chemical – Chemical process control
Chemical/Pharma - PrimoFina (Air Liquide)

Semi Conductor - Rohm Electronics Philippines Inc. - Sub-station Project (Yokogawa)

Oil & Gas - Chevron Philippines Inc.- Depot Terminals Monitoring

In Saudi Arabia

BMS - Al Salam Summer residence in Jeddah
BMS - Janadria farm in RIYAHD
BMS - ORB Officiel Reception Building in Riyahd
BMS - Royal Guard residence
BMS - Training Center (military center)
BMS - Villa MBA : prince palace in Riyahd
BMS - 10 King Road Tower  - Jeddah

In South Korea

Automotive - Hyundai Motor company – Ulsan – Quality Control project (Korea Data)

Chemical/Pharma - HighTech Pharm Co., Ltd – Facility monitoring.- Chungchongbuk-Do (Korea Data)

Energy - POSCON Co., Ltd – Solar plant monitoring and Control (Korea Data)

Energy - KETI Co., Ltd – Monitoring and Control (Korea Data)

Energy - LS Industrial System Co., Ltd - Power Plant  Monitoring & Control (Korea Data)

Energy - S-OIL Corporation - Power Plant  Monitoring & Control (Korea Data)

Waste Water - Samsung SDI Co., Ltd – Waste water monitoring system - Ulsan City (Korea Data)


In Singapore

BMS - Acendas Factory (Quantum Automation - PUP DDC protocols from Matrix)
BMS - Cantonment Square – Police Headquarter
BMS - Chinese Embassy
BMS - Data Center Equinix
BMS - Data Center i-STT (Quantum Automation - Lonworks)
BMS - Harbour Front Towers 
BMS - Jurong Entertainment Center (Matrix Controls - Lonworks)
BMS - Jurong Town Police Headquarter
BMS - Jurong West library (Quantum Automation - Lonworks) 
BMS - Law Enforcement Building Singapore (Matrix - LonWorks)

BMS - Nanyang Technological University (Quantum Automation - Lonworks)

BMS - National Library Board (Quantum Automation - Lonworks)
BMS - Raffles Junior College

BMS - Singapore Anglo-Chinese school (Quantum Automation - PUP DDC from Matrix)
BMS - SLF Building Singapore (Quantum
Automation - Lonworks)
BMS - SMU (Singapore Management University – New Campus)
BMS - SMU (Singapore Management University – Old Campus)
BMS - UOB Plaza (Quantum Automation - Lonworks)

BMS - BCA - Zero Energy Building (Quantum Automation)

BMS - ITE West Choa Chu Kang  (Pro Gen Building)
BMS - Ocean Financial Centre
BMS - Sembawang Shopping Centre - Kurihara Kogyo Co Ltd
BMS - Gleneagles Hospital - Parkway Hospitals S'pore 
BMS - Jurong Data Centre Development (JDD) (Azbil)
Chemical/Pharma - Dupont factory management system)

 Energy - CITI - Solar Power generation Control
Energy - JTC (Jurong Town Center) Electrical Busbar Monitoring

Energy - Power Distribution for MRT (Yokogawa - FA-M3 Plc)

Energy - Sembcorp cable tunnel - Gaz detection system (Conny - MST detectors LonWorks)
Energy - Thales Geosolutions – ROV module (Power system management and controls)
Energy - Tuas Incineration Plant 

 Manufacturing - Evertech - Machine Control Pick & Place Machine (Yokogawa)
Manufacturing - Jonhson & Jonhson Plant Changi.
 Manufacturing - Mediamac - Machine Control
 Manufacturing - Merck Plant (Stage 1 and 2)

Semi Conductor - Dupont Photomask

Semi Conductor - Soitec plant

Transport - SMRT (Changi extension Stations)
TransportSMRT (Original 6 stations)
Transport - Underpasses for LTA (Land Transport Authority)
Water treatment - NUS (National University of Singapore) Water Reservoir Monitoring

In Sri Lanka

Transport - Train signalling Colombo main control center - South West Coast Line Colombo - Galle

Water treatment - National Water Supply and Drainage Board – Ratmalana (Techno Solution Private Limited)

Water treatment - Water Level Control of National Water Supply Board Sri Lanka Ratmalana (Yokogawa/Techno Solution)

In Syria

BMS - Damascus Stock Market Building -Monitoring of Power Meters and Power analyzers from Carlo Gavazzi – Dupline Product

Manufacturing - Al Salhab Sugar Factory Boiler House - Boiler Control and Management system

 Manufacturing - General Fertilizer Company - Boiler house and production services section: 2 Boilers

Manufacturing - Tel Salhab Sugar factory - Sugar powder silos Automation

In Taiwan

BMS - Air conditioning and Lightning management (Matrix Controls - Lonworks)
BMS - Architecture & Building Research Institute Lab.Building - Government Lab. Intelligent Building
BMS - Bing Jiang Market, Taipei
BMS - Chang Gung Medical University
BMS - Chang Gung Retirement Home
BMS - Chongde sugar-refinery (Taizhong)
BMS - Chung De Serviced Apartments and Offices, Taichung
BMS - Fu-Bun Buiding – Intergate Bacnet HVAC Control System

BMS - Global Institution building in Xindian (Matrix Controls - Lonworks)

 BMS - Gung Shin Showroom Surveillance
 BMS - Home Automation for Luxury Villas (Howin technology/Nico Technology)
 BMS - Hong-Cheng Building (Taipei) - Community  Building Automation
 BMS - HuaShan Civilization public recreation - (Silport - Lonworks - Johnson Controls)

BMS - Kaohsiung technology park. (GIC System Co. Ltd)
BMS - Lixiang resort – (Hualian)

 BMS - Science Education Centre, Taipei
 BMS - Shi-Pai elementary School - School Building Automation
 BMS - Silport Technologies Inc -
Monitoring power meter data & log
 BMS - Taichung General Hospital (Armed Force)
BMS - Taipei 101 Tower - Chiller Management System.
 BMS - Taipei Show Chwan Hospital (Silport - Lonworks - Johnson Controls)
 BMS - Taiwan Power Company (Silport - Lonworks- Johnson Controls)
 BMS - Taiwan Power Nuclear 2nd Power Plant (Silport - ActiveX;OPC - CCTV)

BMS - Tainan fire-fighting bureau

BMS - World religion museum
BMS - Yu Jang Technology

BMS - ZhuHai TAX Building (Silport - Modbus - Power meter)

BMS - Taipei City Hall – Tridium DDC. Hiross equipment

BMS - GinLing Girl’s High school Taipei

BMS - Taipei University of Business

BMS - TSMC Staff Gymnasium

BMS - Yuan Ze University

BMS - Taipei PanJiang High School

BMS - National Taiwan Normal University

BMS - Hsin Chuang city MRT

BMS - Taichung Chinese medicine university hospital

BMS - Tainan Shangri-la hotel

BMS - Yilan Luna Plaza (mall)

BMS - Ministry of National Defense R.O.C.

BMS - TaoYuan sport Arena

BMS - Kuenling A/C factory Kaoshiung

Chemical/Pharma - Moya Co. Ltd. - Kaoshiung City

Oil & Gas - Chinese Petroleum Corp. Shaun Ow 

Energy - Taiwan Power coperation

Energy - Actron Technology Corp. (Silport - Modbus - Power meter)

Energy - Sunrise Global Solar energy – FMS system

Manufacturing - Saneast Co. Ltd – Tao Yuan

Semi Conductor - AZ electronic Materials – FMS

Semi Conductor - Chipmos Technologies Ltd.

Semi Conductor - Chang Hua Siliconware Precision Industries Co. Ltd.

Semi Conductor - HPO High Power Opto – LED Wafer FMS

Transport - Taipei Metro System TRTC – With Primalux MMS
Taiwan Corning - PcVue Used with the Plant Maintenance Management System MMS

Water treatment - Sewage water treatment for Buddhist Tzuchi General Hospital in Dalin (ES-TECH - Schneider equipments)

Water treatment - Sewage water treatment for Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital in Chiayi (ES-TECH - Schneider equipments)

Water treatment - Water plant central control system -  Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology

Water treatment - Monitoring & controlling the HVAC system - Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Chiayi

Water treatment - ShuiHanYang Company – Kaoshiung city

Water treatment - Tazen Co. Ltd.  Waste water in Yilan

Water treatment - Yoli Co Ltd. - Hsinchiu

Water treatment - Yunlin Water purification plant

In Thailand

BMS - Data Center. Equinix ,Bangkok (Matrix/Quantum)

BMS - Electrical (Yokogawa – RegCo.)
BMS - Electronic  (Yokogawa – PTT Rayong)

Chemical/Pharma -  PTT Mercury Project (Yokogawa – Productivity Consulting Co. Ltd)

Energy - PTT UTILITY Cup 1 Phase 3 in Maptaput, Rayong - (Yokogawa - TCP/IP - FA-M3 Plc)

Energy - Rayong Electricity Generating Company – Yokogawa Thailand

Food & Beverage - AJINOMOTO CALPIS CO. LTD. – Yokogawa Thailand

Manufacturing - Pulp & Paper (Data)  -  (Yokogawa – Vina Kraf Paper Co. Ltd, Vietnam)

Manufacturing - Electrical Generation Authority of Thailand - Fumes Monitoring Control System (Yokogawa - FA-M3 Plc)

Manufacturing - Fumes monitoring control system (Yokogawa - FA-M3 Plc)

Manufacturing - Philips Plant, Bangkok

Manufacturing - Phoenix Pulp and Paper - Process management (Yokogawa - FA-M3 Plc)

 Manufacturing - Siam Goshi factory (Conny - Premium Plc) 

Manufacturing - Thai Cane Paper - Fumes Monitoring Control System (Yokogawa - FA-M3 Plc)
Oil & Gas - Field PTT (AI)

Oil & Gas - PTT Rayong – Yokogawa Thailand

Oil & Gas - Amornchai – Palm oil Refinery
Pulp & Paper - Vina Kraf Paper Co., Ltd.- Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)

Water treatment - Plant (Yokogawa)


BMS - Abu Dhabi National Oil Corp. Research Lab

Manufacturing - SCADA System for Burner Management & Controls of Heaters for ASAB Plant - GASCO Abu Dhabi

For other worldwide references please check here: Arc Informatique's references


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