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Using an ordinary Web browser, WebVue provides remote display and control of your processes using an Internet or Intranet connection.
The idea is that a user with the correct user rights (user name and password) is able to access the PcVue SCADA application from any access point (independently from the OS used), as no application (other than an internet browser) is required on the web client.

The beauty of it is that no special re-engineering is needed on the mimics previously designed in PcVue.

Technical overview :
The communication between the PcVue Webserver and the WebVue client is using the webservices standard. The
WebClient is refreshed real time and the Web Operator is able to Monitor and Control the facility.

As soon as a connection is requested, the WebVue Java applet is launched and :
• Connects to the server via a TCP/IP connection
• Authenticates the user
• Downloads the required mimic
• Updates graphic elements of the mimic dynamically from the PcVue server

• Supports navigation among the application's mimics
• Authorises acknowledgement of alarms, the issuing of remote commands and remote logging within the users' rights

WebVue is compatible with the main Web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera.

Using Public WebServices you can also create a WebPortal and design Web Pages to view and control Real time data of PcVue. This way your web pages could also be accessible through PDAs, Phones, Tablet PCs etc…

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